Night at Chinese garden

ytd when i reached home i was soooo tired =.= ok...i like this pic...its says: lesson on love tip#12, if you loveis unrequited, proceed to beat your crush into submission...poor sasuke... i was late...cos i was rottin my butt in on te couch watchin shippuden...n i made nut waited =.=; sorry nut/..den we went to yustsuki's house. so long nv been there...i gave her mom a hug n i got kicked 0.o! geh...she bao bei her mom muahahaha~~

vanda came the latest. when she came it was clothes changin time for her n yutsuki...they keep switchin clothes LOL in the end yutsuki ended w her original top n a new skirt n vanda....she went bac to wearin her own clothes =A=

went to chinese garden very late but it was quite fun. precious n yutsuki keep playin w the fish hookin a pair to takoyakis, a camel n a huge pink dog[i think].they went obssessed...LOL. we bought sparklers but din manage to play cos me n nut has curfew to meet...damn. wasted. but goin to play nex time.

was carryin Jin since we stepped out of Yustsuki's house n it was reali fun XD oh yea...i m now Jin's godfather...n naturally Toya is his godmom...i m goin to buy Jin a set lolita clothes MUAHAHAHA

this is Jin. i styled his hair but it din reali hold. i was in a bad angle.

quite a serious lookin boy if u ask me 0.o hahaha...

zzzzzz i lost my weddin ring at Yutsuki house =.= hopes she finds it soon...i m like sooooo dead lol....

listenin to- nothing[too tired,NOT A SONG]
condition- slight cough


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