Sew Fest.

Yuuto here reporting live!!!!!!

Sochii: get off my laptop, seriously.

Yuuto: if you logged into my acct den i wont be on your laptop =D

Sochii: what sort of logic is that =.= you will still be using it

Yuuto:.... ... ...

anyway. today i ended up not going for running as planned cos i cramped like shit last night. as in my leg. dont know why. so i ended rotting at home, organisin G.O. and sewing stuff for yuuto. ksxdkmdjnkslkfvkjdsolksabhcdkcdmncdbhsj

Sochii: yuuto =.= i m gonna confiscate the hat.

Yuuto: ;A; *sits quietly*

so yea. i made matching kitty hats for yuuto and his pink teddy with my old baby clothes *yuuto beams widely* and i made yuuto armwarmers *yuuto: DARK BLUE AND WHITE!* yes. one dark blue warmer, and one white. suppose to be matchin pair. it is to protect his skin from the sun cos he doesn have msc currently and so i have to protect his skin while he wears shortsleeves[he has pants and his black shorts are down currently so its fine]. it will be a muz for him to wear the warmers and pants if he goes out before i spray msc and blush him up white again. *yuuto beams 8)*

Sochii: yes,yuu? you wanna say something?

Yuuto: 8D i shall be good boy for this month!

yes, since my mom and my grandma are paranoid, yuuto have to stay in home for this month. I might be planning to celebrate bdae at home too since yuu-dear is at home. cos this is the seventh month and my mom and grandma are afraid that those dirty things might possess yuu or something like that, but yea, to make them happy, i shalldnt bring yuu-dear out this month.

yuuto: 8)

like i said. yuuto can be such a dear at time.

i shall upload pics when i m free.... i m still quite lost as to what i should write for my professional profiling....i hate doing report work. seriously.

i need to finish yuu's sleeveless bedtime shirt asap. *still working on it* it is currently 65% done. it is using the same cloth as his and bearbear's hats.

well. thats bout it. school tmr. if my cousin[dad's side//older of the twins] takes my toilet in the morning, i m gonna snap =.= so you'll know if i m acting a bitch tmr. I silently hope he gets expelled. he is stupid enough to get SUSPENDED FOR BEING LATE >.> go die Noel =.= you are hopeless.


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