bored bored bored

i m tempted to post extreme yaoieh pictures ;A; cos i jus got my new CG pack >3

anyhow. alot of people have been asking me alot of stuff, so i decided to post here instead.

For CG story LxLight in Bounded Prince, you go here:
if you need the game before nex wednesday, cos by then i would have deleted it.

on top of that. i have been going around tellin people i m bored to the extend that I am playing porn games. LAWLS. IT IS TRUE OKAY!

ok like. most of you readig this will go HOMG SOCHII SO DISGUSTING. face it you losers. you are obviously sexually deprived if you say that. lol. playing games and doing videos of it is different =.= i m jus too bored.

People who have been askin for the link. yes, people asked me for the link, but i say i m too lazy to give it to them. here it is to make up to you and reward you if you have been followin my posts.

On top of that, i m also playing this poupee game. cos i m bored.

other den that. i dont think i have alot of stuff to do...i finished chiong more den 3 series of anime in this hols already. OH and go watch Gaki no Tsukai 5 ranger on youtube. its epic shit 8D

*goes back to watching victoria secrets runway shows*


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