wahahhahha kudos to whoever can guess who's are these and where its from >w< guess guess guess MUAHAHAHAHAHA

anyhow....bored today =.= so i started watchin NLSG interviews. hahahha AOI SO CUTE CAN!!! hahahah full of crap XD cutest thing EVER <3>w< and i love the part where reita flimed ruki

ruki: erm, this is my baby
reita: oh. is it? not interested...

hahahahahahaha i love how Aoi keep on askin people to shutup while he sign the posters XD
Ruki: *signs* this goes for 20,000yen MNUAHAHAHAHA

Aoi: *signs* shut up.
OI SHUT UP *signs*


anyhowwwww remember the heartless bitch i blogged bout? I have some problems with her dressing today. hahaha cos i are bitchy. I KNOW I AM FLAT, but being booby doesnt mean you have to wear a fucking bright red bra and a translucent top and swagger around me like its natural. god. you scar my eyes. first you are fugly, den you are fat, and you have skin problem, bad hair, bad makeup skillz, bad attitude and now you parade your body =A+ gawd. no wonder her current boyfriend doesnt mind being a slave. he probably gets to fuck her every night. rofl.


cosfest in three days counting today also. *panick panick* hahahaha actually there is no point in me panicking. i jus need to worry more about the other people's wiggehs. lol.


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