good news and...whut news? hahaha

hahaha okay. this is going to a VERY short post.

Chiru and I just made a impulse buy online, cos why? the gazeboys are too hard to resist.
So she bought a NEO GEN YR BOOK, while i bought a NEO GEN 44. *above picture* hers is on the left, mine is on the right.
bought it from yesasia instead of CD japan =.=;;;
yesasia price was USD50 odd[free shippin]
cd japan was USD60 odd[inclusive of shippin]
you do the math man....

so i continued my exercise today tooo /0/ i am now 47 and going down 8D
i was feeling fine, until i ate lunch =w=;;;

i jus threw up two times, so even though i feel active, i feel relatively too weak to type. pui.

so yea. i m going off now. /0/ wish me a speedy recovery by clicking the nuffnang thing. HAHAHAHA ciaozor.


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