Job @ Odessey


today was job at odessey located at Cineleisure~

so yeap. thanks to saku for calling me and twinneh , and lauren for havin fun with us X3


so yea. the day started EARLY. i slept at 2am and woke up around 6am. 4 hours. wobbled down to twinneh to find her WHITE. hahahha like. FACE DAMN WHITE. cos she was doing her makeup and it got abit too white cos like she was still sleepy. so damn cute can?

so...we decided to cos Luka and Gakupo [Magnet ver] one day before cos of the sudden switch the organizers call for. so yeap. above picture was the one.

TWINNEH WAS SO DAMN PRETTTEH. liek. OMG PLEASE. she looked so damn lady and chio. even i m like uwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 8D hur. alot of guys keep staring at her when we were giving out flyers at the tunnel area too /0/

so yea. A chio Luka = a happy Gakupo 8DDDD hahahha

and the other thing that made Gakupo[aka ME] really happy is that. WE THE TWINNEHS JOINED A COSPLAY COMP. hahaha ok. its nothing to be THAT happy about. but...

it was our debut competition.

the original plan was to go solo and do posing. but saku said that she could put us together. and the organizer approved last min. so we went on up together.

ok not really

luka darling aka twinneh got sent up first cos the song started with her.
i went up a little later.
i wont deny it, but both of us were abit intimidated cos we had ZERO preparation time. so we were a bit shaky. like really SHAKING YO. i could feel hers and i bet she could feel mine too. hahahaha...but we picked up our act a little more in the middle of the song.

it was really a test of our 默契 uhhhh cooperation skillz or something.
well. we have been hangin out so long, so yea. and we always pair up with each other during modelling shows, so that helps a DAMN LOT. one look and we know what we should do.

so yea. by the end of the song, i was so happy that i was up there with her and not anyoneelse. love you twinneh *huggles*


WE GOT SECOND. hahaha its not first but HEY. for a debut of non-practice+experience, i'd say second is good. saku got first[expected yo, she did good] and toshiro[k0mui from DGM] got third. FUNNY EPIC POSES. hahahaha

so yeap. a happy second ~ *huggles twinneh again*


now to prepare for tmr /0/ its going to be another pair. but first.
drawing tiems =3=b

nights ppl XD or rather MORNING hahahaha


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