Shadow VI II I

rofl. work is meh. i dont wanna go work @_@;;; even my warehouse work was better den this shit manzzzzz

anyway anyway. these few days i've been rather hung up on two songs.

Shadow VI II I and Zetsu.
rather old gaze songs. but nice nevertheless.
i m more of shadow though, cos like hiiiiii

AOI ON ACOUSTIC IS LOVE~~~~~ but i dont really like his outfit in shadow...his one in zetsu is nicer...but i like his miseinen outfit better. hur XD

Shadow VI II I

曖昧な曖昧な躊躇う左の Scar 弱意を弱意をRedでぼかす
II IX II IX II IX浅く 意味深く 曖昧に曖昧に息を繋ぐ Scar

Under the sun 最上階 片手離しのEGO
目隠しの裏側で -Asking foR lifE-歌ってる
II IV II IV II IV 不安定な呼吸  曖昧な曖昧な明日を繋ぐ Scar

君へ。いつかその痛みを越えて 全てが癒えたら笑ってくれるかい?

強がる弱さと生きる 傷

おやすみ 今夜は眠れるだろうか
II IX II IX II IX低速で締め付け 安楽を安楽を喉で感じる Scar

Never hold the breath…
And, it keeps believing tomorrow's happiness.

君は歩ける事 知ってるはずさ

[i did not do the translations. link on the right column)

Vague To hesitate the left hand's vague Scar Weakness To obscure weakness in Red
II IX II IX II IX shallow with profound meaning vague to tie the vague breath Scar

Under the Sun Top floor One hand Ego of dividing
The blindfold's lining -Asking foR lifE-Sung praises
II IV II IV II IV Unstable breaths Vague To tie the vague Scar tomorrow

To you. Sometimes this pain makes me unconscious The whole healing process is ridiculed, isn't it?

[Slow pain] "Myself for nothing"
[Slow pain] To lie is weakness and to live Scar
[Slow pain] So this evening is crushed
[Slow pain] You are cornered The shadow is held

White white thread dangles
Good night Tonight, maybe I will sleep forever?
II IX II IX II IX Slow speed tightens Ease4 To feel the ease4 of my throat Scar

Never hold the breath…
And, it keeps believing tomorrow's happiness.

[Slow down] How soon will this pain disappear?
[Slow down] To take along the end of sadness
[Slow down] As yet, to desire Red but
[Slow down] You will walk towards this matter And understand what will take place


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