wittle update while waiting for laundry

kanako without make 8D so effin cute even though she doesnt have makeup on /0/

i m a good buip today.

Woke up and the first thing i did was to....BRUSH MY TEETH. haha DUH liek muz do that everyday first before you do anythingelse okaiiiii
After that headed straight to do laundry without breakfast, not that i needed any anyway.

so while laundry is spinning, decided to log abit before i start on my other chores.

Things to do:

- hang laundry
- style neo's wig *still not much ideas*
- pack my room *try*
- head down library to borrow more books and return books too
- head down jp to play with SAM machine
- style mom's hair [mayb do her make too]
- decide on what to wear tmr [really troublesome since i have to head to two diff types of event]

some updates from renaissance's last jamming before EOY. It was filled with..one hell of a mess compared to last week's imo.

and i m lazy to frip the pictures
so live with it
blame it on sony ericsson.

Outfit and hair for that day~
since it was dead cold 8D





even though kent nii-chan prolly doesnt read my blog, but still wanna thank him for being so sensitive like he was two years back.
called me immediately though he was going to sleep when i replied his sms. Really needed that call alot, was feelin really lonely. hahahha people reading this, sochii?lonely? hahaha yesh. i do sometimes okaiiiiii but i dont like to go bother people or call them, askin them to call me jus because I feel so.

i slipped into sleep liek a happy buip~

shall go hang up my laundry nau den 8D


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