A little accessory haul~

GOODDDDD MORNINGGGGGGG~~~~ I am at work blogging once again ~~~ヾ(^∇^)おはよー♪

Half day for today and nothing much do to cos this is my...8th day~ and the knowledge that I am given, pretty much doesnt allow me to do anything without surpervision... I am doing sorting though, but there isnt much to sort.

Just yesterday I heard that before me, there was this university student who was hired and he was only assigned to sort out work chits and he took...5 hours? for a less den 5 min job. Makes me wonder what university teaches you sometime, cos I've heard so much screwed up stories about them.
Of course, I am not talking about everybody. I wanted to get into a local university too, but I blame it on the fact that I did not work hard enough for it, and neither do I have the financial abilities to head overseas and take my extended degree. That doesnt stop me though... I shall still find my path *nodsnods* even if i cant go to a uni *strivessss*

ANYHOWWWWWWWWWW~~~~~ yesterday I did a little shopping for hair accessories as I am seriously lacking in that department and I am abit of in-need for accessories for a shoot~ so what better way den to go SHOPPING~~~(^o^)/
But seriously, shopping with me will prolly be a pain in the ass because I can go to one store... spend like 5 mins standing at one section, compare prices and designs... and buy NOTHING. HAHAHAHA, after that I will move on to the second store and do the same. /wtf
I cant help it if I am so stingy about my money ORZ but I think i've spent quite alot yesterday anyway *rolls eyes in agony*

So on to the haul~~~

I went through four shops at Jurong Point and finally came across this shop called MooMoo [JP2, beside fairprice extra]. Or so I think it is because it is printed on the plastic bag and price tag.

I think the saleslady either thought I wasnt local or I was retarded cos I was worn out from work and took a longer time to respond though I know what she was talking about (*´ο`*)=3
When she said I can head to the atm and draw money, I wanted to ask where was the nearest one because I was unwillingly to walk to the bank all the way at the other connected mall[JP1]. However, she beat me to it and thought i did not know what is an ATM and start making beeping noise while signing the keying in of passcode at the ATM *facepalm* I felt like really retarded at that point that i feel like laughing... not at her but at ME. I think she would have prolly thought, god, this girl is so old and she doesnt know what is an ATM? hahahaha


total amount spent: SGD$15.40
EXPENSIVEEEEE but aiyur. It looks nice... so regardless i guess *shrugs*

The first items that I set my sight on when i was there was these roses. I've always been a fan of roses compared to ribbons. I'd prolly make my own ribbons cos those selling are really abit too expensive for my taste *sweatdrops*

These babies come in smaller sizes and bigger sizes, but i chose this size cos it fits my needs just nice. $3.50 a piece though. Usually I would buy other colours compared to black, but I needed black.. so yea. If not I would have totally gone for the blue roses *sighs* I wished that they have baby romanticas though, i fell in love with those after watching Junjou. It is like my top favourite, followed by blue, red and white roses.

they are prolly easy to attach anywhere to use for anything cos of this pins. Loving it.

Initially, i chose a bow close to the one i saw sakurina wear before [and it was the last piece] but damn, I only know the price AFTER i've checked out. The saleslady was nice enough to offer an exchange *thankgod* the bow was really not worth it, in my opinion. $4.90. I thought that this headband was way more worth it for compared to the bow |・ω・`)

absolutely loving the lace and the mini roses with the golden little balls wrapping around.
I dont really know when I will use this though, but I thought it was a good buy anyway compared to the bow.

That ends my little haul~~

These are the pictures that I took a few days ago when i went out with YQ and Locke to do abit of shopping *again wth* bought nail polish+topcoat for my mom and finally got the colour of the lipstick I've wanted~ I have other much better pictures but i leave it to FB and nex time.
These are just pictures that i took before I went to remove my makeup and shower.
O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪

Okayyyyyy will be off work in about 30mins time now~~
YAY for halfdays on saturday~~~ *wriggles*


Naomi said…
Fmg you're so pretty (O_O!)
And your hair colour changes a lot do you have any particular hair care routine?? It looks so healthy for all the changes~ Also: what contacts are you wearing?
Lol so many questions sorry!
Naomi >>> hey darling~~~ <3
Yeap, i do have alot of hair changes (‐”‐;) My hair condition improves due to the products i use.
I hardly use condition, but I do apply hair masks every other week and hair serum everyday. My shampoo itself is awesome for damage hair.

I am wearing encore duo-tone grey [local brand]
dont worry about it ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ
glad to answer your questions
Doku said…
You're so cute ! :O

I follow you, hope than one day we can talk together :3

~~ chu
Doku >>> thanks <3 you can leave me your contact[msn maybe?] in comments[which i can screen and delete] and i'll add you up


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