Thank you message to all.

I've been meaning to do this but I had work and my orders came in so I had to settle those first... Now I am here to sincerely thank and try to reply to all.

Lets do the thanking thing first then i will go on to my updates /0/

First the replies on my chat box


J >>> Thanks ^^ means alot
E >>> Thank you! I am definitely not backing down

and on FB


replied everyone cept for ZeXun

ZeXun >>> there are better things to worry in life than bashing ^^ Thanks!


replied ker shin, amu and raistlin in nex pic.

Michelle >> Yep, I will not stop what I love.

Deliri >>> Not thinking~!

Maurice >> yes i do agree somewhat.

YK >>> Internet is life too. HAHAH

Simone >>> Thanks dusty *muacks

Fasntnig >>> yes I am thanks!

Joshua >> Maybe I did meet them before? *laughs* I have acquaintances who dislike me too so its fine.


Luci twinnie >> YEP!

Daryl >> Thanks for the support~

Nicholas >> I am proud of it alright *little puff ball*

Ryan >> thanks ~

Demonick >> yes i know


replied nana,yuki and rayna


Shera >> Maybe 8D

Aries >> potatoes gonna...oh nvm hahaha!! thanks~


Eiji >>> not in vote of crime, but thanks!


Marcus >> d'awww thanks~

Luci >> PRECISELY hahaha but then again, no normal people in singapore has come even moderately close to accepting it.

Pei Ting >> I will! thanks~

Dina >> Yep~ i know! Thanks alot~

KB >> maybe, but thanks!

Jiawen >>> XX has her own share of haters too~

Yuri >> i m fine~!

Jun >>> #theysiao #ithink HAHAHHA


Best comment of session goes to Ivan Seah~~ HAHAHAHA

Ivan >> Thanks man~ to get a Taurus up and going =w=b you are a real friend. hur

Etine >>> I never knew!!! Thanks alot ~~~ *hearts* Glad to hear someone even follows my style~

Autymn >>> Its okay darling~~~ thanks alot~~

Jimmy >> Yep, thats why i was okay with it.

Another two unpictured comments are from Riku[puffypouts] and Charlene Kiew.

Thanks both of you too~~~


Like I've said before, I'll say now again. Bashing comes with Exposure. Since I decided to take up the exposure, I will also accept the bashings that are dealt out.
At least I know I have people whom i know and not, standing behind me and patting me on my back.

Thank you all once again for taking your time to post and encourage me.

I am not going to act like I am strong and all, HATE COMMENTS DO HURT. THEY STING LIKE SHIT, but they are not going to stop me from my loves.


Ehm, next would be my job.

Today i've signed the contract for 6 months OTL. Pay's pretty good cept that because I am a contract stuff so... I have no leaves or mc... but I can take a holiday whenever I need to, just that it will not be paid.

My work so far has been quite braincell killing and I've learnt that the proofreaders in America are probably retarded... who name's a monster PIG BEAR MAN? SERIOUSLY? I dont know what is the standards to enter the company there man... but this is RIDICULOUS. ROFL.

For people who DO read chinese, feel free to start playing Moonlight Online which is a game by the company I am working under. I will be participating in translating moonlight online into an English Edition. Even though in the end, there is a chance my translation might not be used, no thanks to the america side, I am going to burn braincells at work anyway.

Moonlight online is rather similar to WorldOfWarcraft gameplay. When I went it, it screamed pirated WoW to me. However I do enjoy the leisure of it, because everything in there is pretty much automated [this means I do not have to get lost in a terrain]

Moonlight online is now in CHINESE VERSION only, we are working on the English one.
It is a FACEBOOK game, not a client game but I daresay... the graphics ARE pretty awesome. *laughs*


Last but not least. I am ordering Tsuyagla soon, so do place your orders if you want them. I might or might not be ordering them again because currently, I am only ordering it because my korean curler is becoming a tad too unsightly.

Tsuyagla Preorder

All the info are in there.

TIME FOR BED. It is another work day tmr. ORZ never thought I would ever say this again. *laughs*


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