A little update

Hey guys, just a little update. I've actually yet to recover from my taiwan trip... room is still in a mess, trying to decide what to do.

 I will be reviewing on Harajucute box#2 soon, so do keep a look out for it. Was kind of unhappy with Singpost as usual, they left the whole parcel stuck outside of my house in a corner without bothering if someone will take it.

On another note, weather is gettin chilly in all places now EXCEPT FOR SINGAPORE. Fml. So~~~~ I am going to order some fluffiness! You are welcome to PM in Facebook to join my orders, and of course, you would have to learn to wait but it will be in time for chilly times of nov-jan~~! Scarfies order

Will get to blogging about taiwan soon~~ you can hop over to my FB page to take a look at my TAIWAN LIVE UPDATE album~~


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