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New fast dining choice: Kaisen Tei

It has been a while, peeps! I've never got to finish my blog about my eating trips in Korea because I was so busy with work, and straight after I quit, i flew in the same direction again to Japan (=A=)/ I have been busy, I have ate really well, and I have gained 6 KG in the past 1 year (Q-Q) What is this scary lack of discipline?

Despite that, being a glutton for good sashimi, I've picked up another awesome invite from MOF (Ministry of Food) to their new concept store, Kaisen Tei.

I would give you tons of information about this place, and the company but really, who cares? We are all here for the food. All you need to know is Ministry of Food serves good food.

Kaisen Tei : Chirashi-don concept, casual dining.
That being said, for those who do not understand " Chirashi don", "don" is basically a bowl of rice, and "chirashi" is a variety of ingredients. Pretty much like the Japanese version of Economy rice.

Situated in an eye-catching…

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