Gara is beginin to get to me again...he's SO adorable...but the anime in the later eps of naruto[not shippuden]..they made him look so deformed[he was in norm form...not yet transformin to shukaku] i was definitely pissed.

went to fetch toya ytd....i nearly gave up n thought that her mom fetched her =A= lucky me...i din get lost too XD 174's directory in the bus definitely HAS to change >.> oh yea...st. marg.'s guard sleep alot n has bad sleepin posture[old man...not good for health n job la]

den we went to CWP, shopped around n went to the library to return my books n went bac to CWP again to get food for me tummy. Toya prevented n rejected ALL my requests n i had to settle for delifrance tuna crossiant, which Toya insisted she pay[if not i think she'll bite off my head].

after that i went to toya's house and LOL-ed at toya postings in sgcafe. [QUOTE=toya] sochii is sittin beside me in my house now~~~*fangirl-ism* [/QUOTE] i seriously lol-ed. n den when i had to go bac, toya took an unglam smilin pic of me =.= i cant smile for nuts. the bus came later den usual, I SWORE THE BUS IS HELPIN TOYA zzzzz but den again. its a freakin old bus, so i guess not. *shrugs*

oh yea...toya passed me my bdae present, gave me lolipop, n a AOI PICK zomfg =A+; aoi aoi aoi aoi aoi aoi aoi *DESK*

After that i got bac home. for no reason, my mood turned super bad >.> i did say i have violent mood swings. I cant be bothered w calls, cant be bothered to reply smses properly...i think someone called me, but i forgot who n what he or she said....wait. i remembered now. it was my aunt lookin for my mom.zzzzzz

Well...i m still stuck in my bad mood >.> n seriously feel like trashing someone now. so maybe i should go for a game of audition n pwn someone in one-two party....

listenin to- the highway [not a song =.=]
condition- flu =A=


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