Cosfest XII 2013 and Apologies.

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First of all, I have to apologise to all my readers and sponsors. I just stopped blogging all of a sudden for a month without warning.
Even if I've lost readers or sponsors, I will still blog and cough up all the post that I owe. So please bear with me if you see sudden inserts of product reviews that are not super new products... I am guilty.

That aside. Let me work on clearing my posts one by one, by going from front to back.


This is my 6th? year attending Cosfest, 7th year in the cos scene.
My first event was Cosfest 2006, when I hardly knew anyone, utter fail at cosplay... I wouldn't even compare myself to the newbs now.. I think I was even worse than them. (Hope that inspires you guys LOL)

After one year of absence due to a dumb choice, I returned to the cos scene feeling rather dejected thinking that no one will remember me. Surprisingly, quite a number of people do, and I started working my way to know more people ( if you have been following my page, instagram, facebook, you would have seen how I am trying to rebuild my life including all my breakdowns and rage. )

This Cosfest, even though I was not cosplaying, it was filled with fun and laughter. I was invited back to join the ranks of the Toki Doki Meido and Shitsuji Cafe by Emi and Serene.
Through the cafe, I've made more friends that were really fun and forgiving.

Even though the cafe went through quite rush and situations, but we've made it somehow.
So on to the pictures!

Below pictures are all taken from my phone because I simply do not have the leisure for using a camera. *laugh*

First day of Cafe!
Got to meet Reika and she was... a lot shorter than I've imagined. I am not her fan by the way, I just saw her pictures around FB very often because of people who are her fans.
Walked around the cafe with her to help customers take photos with her and Emi served her table while I help here and there.

 photo IMG_20130709_4_180x320.jpg

I can only recall that she was short, looks very tired but very warm and nice towards all her fans who attended the private lunch session. I really applaud her =w=b.


Got to met Inui and Kotori.
Kotori is SUPER CUTE. She is like this little genki ball hopping around the cafe, going around looking at things and people and greeting customers with us *facepalm* Miss Kotori, you are a guest, you are suppose to rest and feel relax. She is so cute that I can't even- *squeeze hug her mentally*

 photo IMG_20130709_18_180x320.jpg

And den... Inui. This... sexy man 0//A//0
To be honest, I don't follow cosplay stars, so like when people are screaming as Kaname/Reika/Yuegene/Kipi or insert anny cosplay star name of your choice. I am like oh okay.
In the same way, I cannot say I am a fan of Inui's cosplay cos I have zero idea about him until he came to the cafe.
I just went, HOMG THIS GUY IS SEXY. However, this guy is 45, just a year younger than my mom *ROFL* I swear he makes me think that I have a thing for older men.

SUPER SHY IS ME. Thanks. He even sounds sexy *faints*

 photo IMG_20130709_17_180x320.jpg


Cafe peeps~~ forever loving them all~

 photo IMG_20130709_28.png photo IMG_20130709_29.png

 photo IMG_20130709_23_244x320.jpg photo IMG_20130709_25_244x320.jpg photo IMG_20130709_23_244x320.jpg


Not to mention the precious friends who visited me at the cafe, and my chalet mates ~~ It was really fun and I feel very loved.

 photo IMG_20130709_27.png

 photo IMG_20130709_26_320x320.jpg


and random

 photo IMG_20130709_24_320x320.jpg


This Cosfest XII have been a truly awesome experience for me.

Just in case anyone wonders why I am took so much instax, as mentioned in my facebook before, i suspect that my memory is slowly failing me. I've been forgetting a lot of things, even people. I wish to treasure every single bit of memory that I can salvage now and look back at it.
I truly hope that I can remember every single one of you. I used to not care because people come and go.

They still do, but that doesn't mean I must even if some have left.

Feeling truly grateful for new and existing friends.


LUCKY said…
erm im gonna follow you. as a stalker would. So i will come. But rest assured i will not go!(not in a bad way. haha)

In life there are ups and downs. so please dont feel bad or as tho everything is finding fault with u.

OK. gotta do my RJ now. before im screwed by the 2359 timing, T_T

ps. goodness me. must i reli login to my google acc to post a comment? what happened to anonumous comments? hais
Seren > <3<3

Lucky > some settings in my blog was set back to default. Anonymous is for use again! Thanks for staying~

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