curses... i m out to annoy kisame. but i was annoyed when i watched shippuden ytd..damn fish. Maito Gai n Rock Lee should win without sweat.but Gai sensei was cool...he FORGOT all bout kisame after kickin him in naruto season. yea...i stayed up late for i gotta go taka physical test somemore..shit.

my hp bill went over last month. thanks to carin for u know who. dammit. i knew i shouldnt have bothered zzzzzzzz =.= he's like a total disappointment now. I dare you tag me, i know u can get my addy through Toya. __ =.= __ yes. it my fav sign.

mooncake festival party later dragon cant make it...damn...will be bloggin bout tonight tomorrow when i get to use lappi. why do i have this bad feelin that zi long will make me eat all the mooncake she did ytd? not that she's bad in cookin anyway...but i stil remember some of her milk mashpotato.....not that is not good....but its sort of creepy when u hear it.....

listenin to-highway[not song]
condition- mornin flu zzzzz=.=


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