Gyaru Makeover [Shibuya Girls]

Many girls aspire to look like girls that I've posted about but do you know how to go about achieving that look? Some girls do, some girls just never get it no matter what.

Shibuya girls[Mandom] decided to help out some of the girls by asking help from 10 girls who are into the gyaru style. Each girl was assigned three other girls to teach, I was, however, assigned only two because my third girl turned out to be an overseas participant *laughs*

Yep~~ as a gyaru sensei, I met up with two of my students and did we had a little lesson.
I made a little booklet for them too but I did not take pictures of it. *laughs*

Here is a mini-view of the booklet pages. Don't try reading cos i made them extra small. HAHAHAHA~~~ if you really want a digital copy, just leave your email and I'll send you one but its nothing much though.


Presenting Aeris[in olive] and Jolene[in stripes] without make~~~


I initially planned for Jolene to use baby cute lower lashes but of course, I was being stupid as usual and forgot about it. =.=;;;


I let both of them use no.2 because it was the thickest lash out of all the series and we were only allowed a pair.. I was hoping we could have decorative lashes instead because that would have worked better as we were assigned the rock look.

I've seen comments that people always think that before and after makeup pictures are hoaxes because smiling makes a huge difference in the pictures.

Well... guess what. The girls smiled for both pictures and there really IS a difference. They look so much more different than they were!


In my opinion, aeris doesnt really suit the rock look but there isnt much of a choice since those were the instructions.

With Jolene

With Aeris

And we had our helpful shibuya girls promoter, Aki~! She helped us kope a chair for at least one of us to sit down and helped with packing up too 8D


After the makeover, the three of us went for some supper/dinner @ Xing Wang Cafe.

Jolene showing off how different she looked for her school photo. *laughs*


All in all, I had a really fun time.

Want a makeover like them? Don't know how to start?

You are welcome to email me @ with your queries and requests ^^v


Momo~ said…
Woahh, that is uber-helpful!! Hihi, and really funny as well.
I need one! A gyaru sensei x3

And as for the booklet/copy/guide, would you mind sending it to me? I'd love to read it!
Momo >> sure ^^ will send it to you~
BlackBird said…
Hello!!! Can i have a digital copy of the booklet too?? :)
BlackBird >> hey~ do leave your email!
Alicia Danaher said…
I'd love a copy
Alicia Danaher said…
I'd love a copy

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