First post

=.= my mom think i know all about com..n is buggin me bout it. wow..i m like a use only person...not dechipher.

anyway....i said i never will create a blog.big i did =.=
its like sayin i will never drink water.....cos i realise blog is a nice way to annoy or irritate ppl. or simply just for puttin your thoughts in other people's brain. ha. ha. ha.

okay intro. I m widely known as Sochii. surname's Kamiya[not real DUH]. Vamp name's Andelia Rehauste.dun ask me about my status. currently married to Toya...gotta wake up n treat her better..she deserves more den me only. petite Toya *squish hug* [toya:if u dun wan this name here tell me XD]

i make mistakes too. like killing n trusting wrong ppl *shrugs* another big deal. I dun really care if my words make you scream your guts out or cry your eyes bloody. If you cant converse properly with me n keep up, I invite you to leave ^^ [damn i m nice]

okay....i m a cosplayer too. Usually I screw up but one really bothers to notice puny me screwing[luckily]. I screw around with people's minds alot..thanks to Dingo..he imposed this habit on me.

Seriously I know I wont be able to maintain this thingy, but i guess I will try...basically just wanted to TRY lol. oh yea oh yea...i have extreme mood swings XD n i love it 0w0 [sue me] so if you get caught in it, i m not responsible WAKAKAKA ok...

I guess some things really do change and will change. As for me.i stick to what i m, addin stuff along the way....i never get to minus bad habits...for example, when i was 5, i told myself i wuld clean my room more often. now being 17, i still chuck my stuff around n refuse to pick them up. so what? big deal. i do add stuff when i was 7 i only listen to chinese songs and now i m 17 i listen to chinese,eng,korean, jap. get my point? mom is rambling askin me for help....almost like a kid WAHAHAHA....its never that tone if its askin me to clean my room >.> drats.

listening to- mom's ramblings
condition- sick


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