woke up this mornin....relaxed...listened to sweet promise and affection line by 183 club..very happily smilin to myself like a retard......until.....

I ON MY BLOODY LAPTOP N CHECKED INTO TOYA'S BLOG....WTF i m officially pissed.....let me adapt something someone posted on sgcafe.

fye:u said u will kill me...and i said i am waiting...and my last sms to her was yesterday asking her do i need a white collar shirt to go along with the traditional uni form anot.....i didnt said anything much.

BULLSHIT man. I asked if he bought it already and he said YES he got it from some people already. mark my words...if you wanna tell me all this, i think you should post everything up WORD BY WORD. goddamn. home connection still has a problem >.> blasted....keep tellin me i dun have CTP/CTA plugin[i forgot which one] i dun even need it before i rebooted this damn thing >.> GAH

its ok...dun reproach yourself...i promise i would wake up n be better to you so there's no need to know me. when i promise i mean it...told you before that i hate givin promises anyhow, so i have really thought it through.

jus wished that this thing would blow over like justin's fakin incident, cause it seems like its bringin you unhappiness. ITS ALL MY BLOODY FAULT. if i never had agree,if i never had converse,if i never had listen..all these things wouldnt have been here to torture you...

listenin to- sweet promise
condition- recovering [jus sneezed ugh=.=]


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