random blabbers

I totally love this guy from Model. his name's michael. i like the chinese ver better though >.>

OH GREAT. i thought i was a vamp >.> n my love labelled me a tree =A=; gah....
i skipped situps yesterday n slept like no one's business until now. damn. so today i will have to do 200...if i miss today too it will be 300 tmr. if i miss everything, i have to do 1000 before the day of the shoot, den most prob i will die before the shoot. damn my procrastinating habits...

as usual, woke up n stone in bed[fearin that if i wake up officially, my mom will ask me to clean my room...NO WAY M I GOIN TO DO THAT(well..maybe later >.>)] n lucky XD my mom went to my dad's company HA.HA.HA n i got to use my lappy. haha haha haha[simpsons style]

my blog is still buildin up...apparently i m too lazy >.> SEE? i m procrastinating once again DAMMIT oh well -shrugs-

she finished her paper n went to get her IC. I m here rottin...screw my phone....why cant i have like unlimited sms? my mom is so gonna kill me for blastin my smses n esp the ones i sent to her during my stay at cameron highlands >.> so dead so dead. screw it. talkin bout screw it. i screwed w sawa XD nah thats from sawa's point of view...screwin as in terms of words, jus messin with each other's mind.

i realise my posts are all LONG LONG LONG muahahaha biggy >.> like i care. my life isnt short so it should be like uberly LONGLONGLONG cos i like it. i can go on n on n on...but i remember i have to look for some lyrics to post in this blog HAHAHA see i m procrastinating again by goin on n on in this blog. biggy, i like it XD maybe this is my way of spendin my useless time. I can very well go and game, but that would means blackmailing from my brother if he comes home n catches me online.....I M 17!! yet i have no free use of the net. big deal >.>

listenin to- affection line[this song reali gets to me]
condition- coughin 0.o[n i thought i was recoverin. damn.]


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