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GEHHHHHHHH damn virus...i saved my lappi...but have to reboot =.= spent 2hrs at the damn IT helpdesk refrmattin this damn lappi...wth....but i got to miss first meetin =D n finish Jin's pants in time to wake Nut up muaahahaha...it was fun, i swear. i hope Jin can wear the pants...

I m the official godfather of Kaito, Kureya, Jin, Minwoo...i dunno whether Reikyoku want me though T^T LOL

anyway...Dingo has started RE-bloggin...this is gonna be good kekeke...

here's something i got from Toya's webbie[she got locked in toilet another day =.=]

[*coughs* i had to type one by one cos i cant copy from toya's blog LOL]

1.Do you have feelings for someone?
i have a wife.
2.do you hate someone in your cls?
currently?not YET.
3.Do you swear often?
erm...depends...i always get away w sayin fuck.
4.Are you crushing?
what kind of qns is this? might as well ask..are you flyin =.=
5.when's the last time you cry?
6.Do you use lyrics to express how you feel?
7.Are you ashamed of your past?
I m proud of my life.
8.Where does your grandma live?
mom's mom, in her own house.
dad's mom, in heaven.[jus passed away last yr]
9.Anyone close to you ever died?
my grandma
10.Who's always there for you?
Toya, Dingo, n my other good bros like reiyu.
11.What is your favorite tv show?
errmmm good question. i usually watch ALOT of shows.
12.What was the last song you downloaded?
I M A LAW-ABIDIN CITIZEN [gets shot down]
13.Who was the last person you yelled at?
Uncle Jon. he smacked my back =.=
14.What was the last compliment you recieved?
All at one shot =.= check Dingo's blog's first post.
15.Do you have a computer?
it suckx. so i got a laptop too...
16.Are you going on vacation in the summer?
17. Do you ride roller coasters?
HELL YEA. those things are fun, if someone pukes =D
18.When was the last time you saw your best friend?
erm. i have no best friends ._. i have bros,buddies,sista. LOL
19.What's your full name?
Sochii Kamiya
20.Have you ever thought of turnin gay/lesbian?
have u even thought of asking what i like?bi.
21.Do you have good memories with old friends?
yea...i think.
22.Have you ever been to hollywood?
why is it call hollywood anyway?
23.Are you wearin a necklace?
i always do.
24.what jewelry can you not live without?
25.Would you date the person who posted this?
she's my wife.
26.Are you happy now?
27.Do you regret anything you have done?
wait...is this some kind of trick to make me say out my bad deeds?
28.What are you doing tonight?
29.Do you trust ppl?
30.If you were someoneelse, would you be friends with you?
HELL YEA. i would totally ask myself to marry me.
31.What is something you say when you are mad?
fuck off.
32.which family member do you look like?
my bro,my dad,my mom. THEY ARE MY FAMILY.
33.What friend will be comin over to your house next?
God knows...i dun invite ppl.
34.Have you ever cried from being so mad?
yea why not
35.Do you like messages or comments better?
anything which doesnt piss me..
36.What is your favorite beverage?
37.Have you ever seen your best friend cry?
my old best friends? Alot.
38.What kind of vitamins did you take as a kid?
any vitamin which are yummy.
39.What is the last thing you ate?
pandan cakie =D
40.Did you get compliments today?
refer to Dingo's Blog's first post.
41.What are you gonna do after this?
keep talkin to Toya while waitin for Dingo to come home.
42.Are most of your friends guy or girl?
mix..i cant be bothered to compare.
43.Are any of your friends livin in the same buildin as you?
I wish..
44.What do you do before you sleep?
search for my lil pillow.[it always disappears before my bedtime =.=]
45.Where have you live throughout?
What kind of question is this?my house.
46.Last piercing you got?
wait...do you mean me being pierce or me piercin ppl?
47.Last person you call?
I dun call, they call me.
48.Last person you smsed?
Uncle Jon.
49.Last person you chatted w?
DINGO![i know you are damn free.]
and anyoneelse who wans to do


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