this is reali humorous pic...muahahaha i love it XD

okay...so ytd i went out to play...n i got a set of pretty decent clothes. both pants n top. XD something to wear on friday kekeke..like...FINALLY lol....n when i reach home SURPRISE. my mom went to shop at holiday inn. TWO MORE DECENT TOPS...i think my side box of wants is more like a wishin well...lets hope the others come true XD

goin out later...since toya is now in school ponderin over the exam paper i can say it now XD the secret keepin thing is killing me XDXD i m goin to fetch her later muahahaha...ok. lets hope i dun get lost >.> cos i m like a total idiot in terms of directions. its been one week already since 060907...lookin good a lil i guess..

oh yea....i procrastinated yet again.....300 tonight. no way m i goin to do that much situps, i will die. as in REALLY die >.> so maybe jus try to do a 100 again tonight *thinks of teh tummy ache*

listenin to- the highway outside my house[this is not a song =.=]
condition- coughin =.=


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