I absolutely love akira...cosplayin him nex cosfest XD

its like 12.30pm now...i have to be in school by 2pm for some beepy test..n wow. i m here bloggin in my home clothes. Haven change yet, still eatin lunch...wads more..i m playin Granado Espada at the same time....my fighter is takin too long to catch up >.> gota feed her more exp cards....

Thanks to all peeps who gave us their wishes..now that wasnt reali as bad as i thought...i thought most ppl would go OMFG NO! but ah/....everyone went sweet.... cool. thats reali great. n special thanks to my bro shin n my undead bro zalen.
i m up to my neck searchin for Takuma Fudou's costume pics...lucky there is always my slave, Akabane. thanks to him. in both costume searchin n GE muahaha. yes....i leech alot while playin games.

I have absolutely no idea that Zalen turned good. lucky toya's posts are bringin him bac...its scar to see Zalen bein the good guy.

I should reali jus finish up my fod, afk my game, and start changin...skippin trainin today. no i m not a bad kid, i jus prefer my frens better.

oh yea, i did a 100 last night...but i still owe another 100...means 200 tonight. AT LEAST I DONE SOMETHING....its been a bloody while since i last do situps >.> i cant help it.

listenin to-Laboro Romen [some ge song]

condition- coughin like no tmr...[i thought i was recoverin SERIOUSLY..swear]


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