GAH bitch.

you have been warned =D

ok first....some deadly rambles....this total BITCH in my class. bloody RUDE bitch...she speaks rudely,act rudely and she's fugly in and out. why do i say that? cos she stepped on my nerves. bloody bitch. the first person i hate in my class...she's dead meat man. those who know me, i dun really curse people like that usually, but when i get really pissed, i do. bloody bitch..i hope she gets fucked to death...or better still SM-ed to death...sick shit.

okay...goin on yesterday...i went to GE faction meetin, met Panther,Xent,Akabane,Justin...and i missed YS by minutes...damn. anyway it was quite fun =D

got home quite late, and i half expect my room to be trashed, but nothin happened. Apparently, this was what I saw when I got home =D

he was SLEEPING. i guess him bein a sleepy head has really spread. yes he was dead sleepin =D but what a posture ^^;

so i proceeded to proddin and disturbin him[yes,i was hyped]

Jin:... ... ...

awwww isnt that cute? muahahahaha din really last long...he went back to sleep =A=

i guess he was tired from bein so hyped the day before....i hope nut agrees to let me take him out on saturday =D gonna go ask her now...

HELL TO THAT BITCH! alashitface.


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