Where is Sochii???

ok i have been like SUPER busy as not to update. What have I been up to??? yes. i m narcassist, thank you. its all about me, me n ME. well, it will be about Yuuto when he comes. well, tip number one. SOCHII IS A JERK, yes i m a total jackass thank you. so suck up to it.

i have been working and supportin my teammates in the current POL-ITE games. yes, i SUPPORT, well, that actually meant seatin through the games, at simei ITE which is tons of miles away from my home. well, i get my fair share too, i get to watch chinwei play on the court once again *v sign* i cant help if i m his supporter. Although he's not from my school...*mumbles mumbles* BUT HEY! we used to be schoolmates...so yea....

I hate last minute orders...but i love my job. i wonder if i m gonna get white hair >.> well...most probably when yuuto comes i guess. but right now, i have more to fret den Yuuyuu....is EOY COSPLAY well basically the stuff are actually ready, i jus have to wait for them to COME. this is NOT GOOD. no thanks uh huh.

ok next....i m suppose to clean my room, but i have only done 1/3 THANKS ALOT! bloody hell. my mom's being an ass =.=;;; she is like UGH!!!!! i can stand her. simple things she has to go and complicated and blame it on ME! wth?? and now she is flaring, wth? she is like so unreasonable...se is the one that cant accept new things. WTH?!!! old people. faggots. nabei. i hate them all. this is affecting me. i cant blog any longer... kkthxbb


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