Hell lots of pictures

If you wanna know how Ayame blogs, this is how. START EVERY BLOG POST WITH YOUR OWN PICTURE. yes. the narcissim is catching up on me. thanks to toya aka Hatori.

anyway this post is ful of pictures which i m too lazy to post during the last few. and its mostly my darling yuuto ^^/
notice anything new on his back and leg??

hohohoho i did tattoo. I am doin for free =D jus so that i can practice and perfect it. but currently no MSC i have to go buy some...GAH this is the character of his Yuu.

This is dedicated to someone,i m not gonna say who but the person knows. apparently yuuto did not squirm when i did this. he was floopin around when i did his Yuu. this is the chinese character for determination.

and here is a shot of him. he seems so happy nowadays. esp when i took piccy for him in school XDXDXD *take a look* =D

i doodled on the last day during break one. this is ALL done by me. *am a vandaliser XD*

What kazuki and me had on School's out day~~ as in for me. he still have exams nex wk and AFTER new year=D

i seriously did not know that there is powerpuff dutch lady milk =.= comparison of packaging.

counting down to leaving Singapore----4 days


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