Heaven or Hell?

Someone told me today.


honestly. i did not bother to about it. obviously she has never read Akuma no Eros[恶魔爱神]. ok. maybe life is not like manga, but i know my final choice best. i dont want to think too much lol. but wadever man. ah wells.

let me use my andelia logical sense to put it den.


honestly. i think everyone only knows half of me. and thanks to this, i m gonna tell everyone. i m me ^^ and you do not know who is me =D yesh, i m screwing your brains with this post ppl XDXD dingo gets it alot. and he always reply with a wah? kkthx for the warning, somebody. but thx and no thx.you have no idea how wild i m yet XD damn. being a good girl sux at time, but it is jus your strongest weapon. being a ah lian sucks at time, but it jus hides how much class you have. omgomg. i love hiding the real me =D mind games are good. n dingo helped developed it. i so love you,dingo.


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