Kimi ga..

i like the last line of daizystripper, so yep.

i hash sucessfully physco-ed luci-twinnie and preshie to listen to Blissful days XDXD and i told preshie that it was obvious wad the last line meant too XDXD or at least i think so.

today went to cut hair at SP LOL. damn funny. we went to the toilet and halfway we realise the cleaner is gonna come in a few minutes den we were like =.= nevertheless we finished cutting my hair and LOL. we kicked all the hair into one bunch and escape from the crime scene!!!! den...saku got lost in SP while tryin to find me =.=;;;;;

after that, preshie did a wonderful job of cancellin a useless meetin and we went to eat. homg....billy's clam chowder is love. as in the shop billy bombers LOL. den we chatted about alot of stuff while luci-twinnie struggled with the patapon game. damn funny. i think we sat at the shop for like 3hrs?? lol. we even compared psp sizes, batteries hahahaha. den me and preshie exchanged about our lifes these few days.

after that preshie and i cab home and here i m bloggin =.=;;; jus now was wayyyyyy epic. xyphel asked to meet me at playground, i answer okay without thinkin and flew out of the house without my handphone den i area has more den THREE playgrounds OTL. omg larrrrr.........nvm. so i fleeted back home after runnin around 3 playgrounds and in the end finally found her when my phone is with me =.= i saw her running to my block and i said: stop running =.= i m behind you. and we broke into spastic laughter upon seein each other LOL

anyway i got my hair layered and now i can spike it nicely. i m gonna style my hair tmr if i m hardworkin enough >3

i m still in a bad mood, but much better after i cut my hair. now i know why people go and cut their hair off when they met with something damn bad....but i cut my hair cos himu mommmy ask me to =.= but it works either ways too.

okay. i still have half a bottle of wine left unfinished yesterday. pardon me. i need it for a good sleep XDXD



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