i shall start this post with a happy note first. TEH'S MY BITCH! hahahaha. my sistarrrrrrrrr and zereall is my bitard/apparently the guniang thing is become HIS thing hahahha////

ok. yesterday was boring ._. nothing much happened...oh wait. did. chiru wore decora. and i tried tons of pink eyeshadow from her hahahaha

reach home, got lens, den also buy the biore makeup wipes...i missed it like hell la. damn easy to use can? *throws away the ZA makeup removal wash* oh yea. did i mention the contact lens ppl gave me a free bottle of solution? ZAI! now i dont have to buy anymore liao XDXD save money~~~cos my one goin to finish le. was goin to buy one den he put into the plastic bag for me larrrr so nice >
i wan go petz house. no matter vad. idc. well....ok la...have to wait for my mom to agree also =.=

brilliant days is utmost love. its the only song i can cry upon hearin. that is how beautiful it is. if you are reading my blog and haven listen to it before, JOO PHAIL.

still moody though...

恋しくて誰よりも恋しくて---brilliant days[Daizystripper]


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