lolers.... =.= one photo from the KNS shoot.

anyway. to start the post on a random note....I THINK MY LEG THIGHS HAVE SLIMED DOWN!! i can slip them in between my bed and the platform gap easily now!!! which means i can use my laptop decently like sitting on a table 8D WEEEEEEEEEEEE n i think its iceskating. 8D

*coughs* yesterday was not bad...not bad...preshie did not manage to make it. and like only 3 of my classmates came + zereall. but the happier side is that Lady Jin came too...damn happy can 8D. Did not really eat yesterday for the whole day. i only drank grape juice, kapok some milo and instant noodles and hotdogs from jinjin. 8D

Met quite a few people that i have been hearin and seeing about... Dominique, wilson HO,Akira and weixiang 8D *coughs* and i also met a few people which i have heard about like this...uhhhh the cap guy that wilson keep huggin and tryin to kiss, i forgot his name 8D and den this ah beng middle age guy, he damn funny la. and there was this guy who seriously look like TJ, and another guy who wore specs and ask me if i know the song name 8D and and another two girls, akira's girlfriend and a girl with lip piercing call..jessie i think? and...melissa? a small figure skater...andddddd yep. thats about all 8D it was fun. and ALOT of debate went on about several topics. one was about poly and JC. the AB middle age guy supports JC while wilson and jinjin were defending poly LOL!!!

omg. i so noob can 8D but yea. being with them was fun. if only wilson LEE came also ;A; but he having exams nowadays. JIA YOU WILSON LEE!!!!!


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