hahaha me and lawliet during our first modelling job XD

I realise me and lawliet look like darn old friends even though we only knew each other for like, less than a year. Epic friends/shadow clone XDXD =w=b

ANYHOW. i m slightly annoyed....okay TRULY ANNOYED.
This is to a certain guy somewhere on this freaking little island. I always thought could trust him, DOES NOT SEEM LIKE IT. Look here. if you cant FUCKIN KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT after I told you not to say anything, all i can say is that you are a fuckin moron. NEVER do i want to talk to you anymore. eat shit and die. like seriously.

ANYHOW~ i have been spendin the last few days with preshie. LOL cos we are like. so BORED.
Yesterday, i went over to her place to practice makeup. The palette really sucks. lol. we keep laughin at it.
blendin needs STRENGHT homg. like not little little one. like AWESOME FORCE. i wont be surprise if i poke anyone's eyes out XD
and the palette need NOURISHMENT XD film doesnt really help alot >.>lll so i decided to drip drops into the palette itself. works better den film. The highlighters seems to work better 8D the blush....OTL I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE. its like. flake flake flake

hahahahah XD

we suspect pasta mania's food has some sort of sleep-inducing ingredients. *gets bricked to death*


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