Day out 8D

Me and preshie's new nails.

so like. i was bored to tears today, so i smsed jin to go have lunch, but turns out she was out, so i smsed preshie cos i recalled she was like bored and wanna hang out. Preshie was like OK MEET YOU 12.30. but of course, she was late as usual 8D 1pm only luh. no big deal. she arrived when i was playing taiko XD

anyway, we went billy bombers and i had that epic economy meal while preshie had some other stuff cause they wouldnt change the drink to her fav choco liquor shake.
After that we walked around, shopped around a bit, and she went to open a new bank account. 8D hahaha we heard the english/american/whatever guy talkin damn loudly.

We went to back arcade, and we saw total fail people who played SIMPLE/ORANGE stage taiko but still can FAIL. lol? no coordinations. den me and preshie played the Green/Normal stage. We finished all four rounds and i spot that SUPER attitude jiji that me and lawliet dont like. the one that always come during 4.30pm on weekdays and is HALF BALDING. he played after us. for cheap thrill, me and preshie went to smack at the machine where there are the mice, moles and stuff like that. AND FOR MORE CHEAP THRILL, we played until 40 tics and use 38 to change the chocolate. lol XD damn funny. i think the machines were smacked on till the caliburation went cuckoo already, we aimed properly but couldnt get anything XD

We went to have drinks at NEW YORK NEW YORK. We were there laughin and bitching den we found icecubes in our GLACIER drinks XD. It was actually time for me to go home. den my mom called LOL!!!! so like, she asked me to eat outside. den okay lor. and preshie dragged me to go manicure and pedicure. HAHAH I LIKE FUCKING NOOB CAN? *never do before* so i was like very amused at everything. we also talked about how suicide is like a civil offence in singapore XD So we finished like. I got Midnight blue nails and preshie got pretty red SPARKLY nails. and we both had royal purple toes LOL!! royal toes XD *wiggles* yesh preshie i know you will wiggle too~~~

SO preshie treated me and it was like a $50 set XD sankyuu preshie~~<3>

After that, me and preshie cabbed home and ya. thats that. i end this post with a happy smile and our toes LOL!!! mine is the one in black slippers, preshie is the one in white. and dont worry jin jin~ nex time still can go out together one~<3>


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