You know what i cannot stand most? THE PATHETIC WHIMS OF HUMAN KIND! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. - this post is basically for the fun of the sudden outburst due to the fact that I am bored to tears and there are too many idiots around for me to care for. *sacarsm* hah. *gets bricked to death*


i was browsing through SOOM's website today. Was very happy to see all the nice comments. and den. THIS SHIT HAPPENS. you selfish shitcase!

1. It is NOT a fucking LIMITED DOLL for nothing. Limited means it will only come out once and in a limited quantity. FUCKING STOP ASKING FOR RE-RELEASE, you are fucking degrading the doll. BITCHES. seriously, who cares if you would sell organs for the dolls? WHY NOT DO IT WHEN THEY WERE FOR PREORDER, WHY WAIT TILL IT IS OOS? MORONS. you pathetic squealing for the dolls make you look even more pathetic. I am surprise that SOOM even have such moronic customers.

2. Who are you to say. OH I DONT LIKE THIS OH I DONT LIKE THAT. do you fucking think you are the boss of SOOM or the only customer of SOOM? FUCK OFF. if you want OH MY TYPE OF DOLL, get your ass somewhereelse BITCH.\

3. You think you oh so smart and give advise to SOOM? shut the fuck up bitch. They have earn enough as not to take your fucking stupid advise. *sacarsm* oh soom, you can earn more money this way *sacarsm* please luh biatch, all they have to do is to jack up the pricing enough to make you froth at the mouth.

4. BASIC IDIOT COMMON SENSE PEOPLE. If they bring back may doll for EVERY MAY, where will the fucking NEW LE DOLLS go? this is why i hate morons so much. THEY DONT FUCKING THINK.

5. If you want the fucking doll, go steal/buy/rob it from some other doll owners. stop screaming RELEASE AGAIN ANOTHER ROUND MORE OF -inserts doll name- PLEASE. fucking shut up and go get the doll from some other place.

6. Dont fuckin whine and say you have no money on a international web when the doll was release. BORROW/ STEAL/ ROB/ SELL ORGANS/PROSTITUTION! dont come and say you will do all those when it becomes out of stock. it will only make you look STUPID.MORONS . oh and if you cant fucking do it cos you are young? there is always the underground and black market.

7. SOOM has a fucking layway plan if you freaking idiots dont know about it. Dont post on the web saying, OH I WAS JUST A FEW DOLLARS SHORT. use the fucking layway plan, faggots.

8. you guys are the worst =.= as much as i whine about not having money to buy, i dont post such faggotory comments on their boards and make a fool of myself via PUBLICIZING. YOU DONT HAVE TO PUBLICIZE WHEN YOU ARE POOR, ONLY WHORES DO THAT.

^^ for your pleasure viewing of those faggotory stupid moronic/idiot-based comments, I have hand picked a few and compiled them for you to see. I wont be surprise even if they were from the same side of the world or half way across the oceans. =.= idiots. to enjoy viewin, pls click on it for the full image.


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