they made me look alienated and made lawliet look fat HAHAHAHHAHA was spent aimlessly as usual. I spent two hours trying to get yuuto to agree that the bed was mine. well. i know. its stupid talkin to a doll which you let sleep on your bed. but....yuuto jus gave me that =w= i thought we are done with the talk long ago look. OTL hols. way-too-free-hols.

after that i spent my time downloading useless yaoi anime. rewatched sensitive pornography. and den...i did the most amazing thing ever. I sat down. and started colouring the picture. but anyway. i dint even make it past the skintone properly before i closed the photoshop. OTL I FAIL hahahah

and den....that was when...I READ HONEH'S BLOG HOMG!
*chuggles* sankyuu honeh~~~~i shall wait patiently for your work 8D
ps. does that hon refers to me? hahahah *shameless qns*

anyway. i m out of the house tmr >.>lll mom's not going to be at home too, so why stay home alone *shrugs*


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