I love this darling. I wished i have the money OTL

anyhow. first i would like to say NO IT IS NOT EASY TO DO FACEUP YOU MORON. i blocked and deleted the last fella who told me faceup was easy this afternoon. if he is reading this, he probably knows why his msg din get through in MSN.

I have been stuck, runnin between my work table and the toilet since 3.30pm and sluggin my way throughout to 6+pm near 7 only to produce some kind of trash i m not even happy with. THIS CALL FOR A REDO. no this doesnt matter if Willows like my trash work or not, i dont like it. Neither would she.

so yea.

shall redo it tommo....on tuesday. right. on tues.

anyway. guess what. I think i found my lost scarf on poupee. THINK ONLY. i m hopin this girl is from cheena or some other country or from sgcafe. if not i m going to WRING the SHIT out of that girl for not giving my scarf to the rp lost and found.

I know finders keepers, but FUCK
I know my taste good thats why you wont return cos its nice but FUCK AGAIN.
you know how much the scarf is to me and yuuto? ALOT i can tell you. pui.

yuuto and I actually given up on searchin for it, but seeing a similiar one, yes, i m assuming SIMILIAR not EXACT ONE, jus makes me hopin mad.


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