Someone please?

CAN ANYONE? ANYONE AT ALL...colour above hottie for me ;A; i would have done it myself but without a tablet, i find it intimidating.... ;A; I wan him to be black hair-ed and golden eyed....those are scratches on his shoulders >w< click on picture for full resol.

anyway. i m still peefed over tht incident and the person hasnt emailed me back and neither has anyone emailed me in retaliation for my actions. you guys dont have my mail? here you go >3

anyhow, there is nothing much to blog about.

Blaue rozen 2 book 2 is out and I am having writer's block.
I love you Akira >3

AWWW HON, I love you more 8D

*goes off to bash into walls and start thinkin for the story*


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