anyway... as much as i SUPER BUAY SONG THAT GIRL HUG MY AGITO. but. whutever lawls. i'll tie him in bed XD LAWLS LAWLS

well. i think i m going to akito/agito. i mean I WANT TO =.= it sucks when i have said it for years and i never do it. zzzzzzzz

yesterday LAST MIN, ah gong dragged me out again. =.= skating and dinner.

With Oswalt

with ah gong:

ahgong : GASP!


wtf can. lawls. after that we[me, oswalt and ahgong] ate at pasta mania and chatted for very long. and ah gong talked about bringin gas mask into little india VERY LOUDLY and the two indians beside us stared and ah gong is like shit shit, den we all went off XD
decide against bowling cos it was too ehm =.=lll EXPENSIVE? lawls hahahaha.went back to my place. me and ah gong made a pit stop at neighbourhood park and chatted til 11+ and the lights went off LAWLS!!! again. hahahaha so it signalled for me to head back home

reached home. did a few stuff and HOMG PRESHIE ONLINE 8D AND WEBCAM TOO *huggles preshie and jing* hahahah jing was on a PMS-ing crack XD it was darn funny. and preshie was like PURE HIGH. hahahah had a great time.

and little sochii is happy sochii cos Azhrien hon came online at 1+ and talked to me for a while.8D


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