hahaha some random picture I found of preshie in my folders XD

She is off for msia already ;A; i shall miss her =3=/

pretty much bored out today. I think i got cursed =.= my second ear hole kanna irritation...now my eye is acting up =.= wtf

zzzzzz spent my day tryin deperatly to do shizuya's faceup...i gave up =.= my brush literally jus frizz off. wtf. $18 gone. shit. nvm. gotta get a new one already =.=lll go buy nail brushes next time pfftttt...gotta go ask preshie bout it i guess =.=

after that was chattin via sms with Mika. IMOUTO-CHANNNNNNN DONT OVERWORK DESU~~~<3
and i realise she is my only little sis ._.llll hell. i have alot of ototo,onee,onii but i realise. she is my one and only imouto. 0.o;;;; anyone who is reading this blog, correct me if I am wrong =.=llll tagged my blog to death if you are my some other imouto that i do not know. ROFL.

anyhow. some sim dating games i find on the net are really annoying =.=
the naruto sim is retarded. I can never get to the final stage with either naruto or sasuke =A= ending i will always end up doing something funny with shikamaru...not that I mind, but me being sakura in that game is totally weird. i dont get to choose =.=
and another one is the pico dating game. its like....WASTE MY TIME. i work my ass off so hard to get killed and not finishing. wtf. lawls. ok.

I need to get a life =.=lll


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