*twirls twirls twirls*

HAHAHHAHA before i start my real post. i would like to say something. just to testing a bit and see if that person is stalking my blog. I WONT SAY NAMES LUH. but i was talking to lawliet about it cos she came to me and several people also talked to me about it >3

SOMEONE hahaha i wont say who. did the same cosplay as me. AH HA. i know you guys are going to say tat person did that character first what la what la PUI. THAT PERSON finished did the version AFTER Me AND Lawliet [AND LAWLIET SOMEMORE], used the same weapon as we did [COS WE BO LIAO, ps. that weapon wasnt even oftenly used in the series] and the hair lenght was the same as our wig. that is even more stupid. DEH. i fucked up jiu hao le. you dont even bother to check the hairlenght properly and do the same. stupid can? If you think your cosplay is better than me, think again luh. Stop giving me that stupid stuck up flatface every time I see you luh. fuckin elitist.

For those who did not understand the above and you want to know, you can prompt me in MSN and we can bitch bout it k? I had it with that person. >.>lll so many years le, still so stuck up.

ANYWAY. not to ruin my happy mood =3=/ today I went to collect my stuff from preshie's house. BWAHAHAHAH 11kg of stuff from yew tee and back to pioneer =3=b NEW ROCKING HORSE SHOES WOOTZ!!!!!!!! XD zai can >3 but kao. the rocking horse shoes are not like the ones i exchanged with preshie. this one is solid wood. >.> SIBEI HEAVY.

OH YA. fuck man. singpost spoilt my sebastian cup!!!!! *angry angry* -goes take picture-

-back - YES. i left my com alone and stormed off to take pictures.



anyway. i chucked it down the chute already T^T BWYE BWYE ~~~ going to get another one >.>lll

anyway. here was what i got for the others.
the first two at the top ikkitousen and mai cup is jon's he chose them.
the bottom one is L and Light, i get for lawliet one, cos i couldnt get her online.
at that time luh...

next up is my laogong's sticker =3=/

and den . HENG AR! i decided to get this last min. at least got somethingelse to darling about~

got a few wigs which are on sale for yuu. HE FINALLY HAS HIS FIRE RED WIG WOOTZ!!!! i've been trying to find one that suits him for very long 8D and finally~~~<3>Photobucket
this one is longer den mitsu's one and its flare out not bob in de >3

and reason why yuuto cannot wear black wig is cos .... HE LOOK TOO CHIO. machiam like girl like that >.>lll

hahah for those who never seen yuuto in his pink wiggeh, here is a similiar strawberry blond one >3

WTH LUH. this one is belongs to Ciel actually. >3 i know i know. some of you may have heard that i do not favor him that much, but i m still tryin to bond and love him k?
the real chio one at home >3

There are still a lot of stuff to sort. including the sunny world one. will do so tmr. but ANYWAY. some of you might be like HURHUR this time never get anything for your hon is it? WRONG! DEH DEH! I GOT SOMETHING FOR AZHRIEN HONEY TOO~~~~<3>3 you guys shall not have sneak preview. neither can he BWAHAHAHAHAHA

next up. another happy thing was chattin with deo ~~~<3 hahaha evn thought he's busy, our convo still damn high XD we found that we had alot of things in common, chatted like old friends and....STUFF hahahah i m not going to share here cos its our secret 8D and there was a pinky promise HAHAHHAHAH damn funny luh him XD

ANYHOW! hahahah WOOTZ! i dont know why i so many happy things happened today also XD i also recieved smses from preshie even though it was about collectin my stuff i still very happy!!! PRESHIE I RABU AND MISS YOU~~~<3

ANYHOW. back to chatting with people 8D


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