Z's Graduation >3


HAHAHAHHA dont be decieved by the pictures. ZEREALL DOES NOT HAVE FLAWLESS SKIN *coughs* neither do i. i did a little photoshop cos i want us to be pretty for his graduation picture

but anyway. that day i rushed down to watch him graduate *sniffs* his mom is so scary >.>llll

Anyhow! this is my first time witnessing a graduation. IT WAS SO TOUCHING. When all saw Z walk out of the room and to the seats, i felt like crying luh. seein him wear that graduation suit was like. *overwhelmed* AND ITS ONLY THE START WTF. he haven even got his stuff.

well. ceremony was pretteh boring =.=llll so yea.
hahaha here's a video of kanchiong Z.
you have to tilt your head a little to watch =.= cos i dunno how to turn it.

and another picture of us with his cam X3

hahhahahah CONGRATS AGAIN ZEREALL!!! you are out of that stupid place for good, but third year is gonna be boring AND troublesome without you =3=/ STAY ONLINE AND TALK TO ME K?!


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