Irritating is Irritating

hahahha my parents webcammin when they are jus two rooms away[kitchen and living room] =.=

ANYHOW i was gonna post picture of my sebastian cup who survived the plane ride and my second sebastian cushion but my laptop sort of killed them =.= so yea. darn it.

and some of you might have heard about my rants at facebook. but whatever luh huh. stupid cheena wig supplier [the usual]


ANYWAY PEOPLE!!! ADD ME AT FACEBOOK! YOU SHOULD! and play all the games i play 8D HURHUR~~~


ANYHOW MORE x3 i've recieved quite a bit of REQUEST mails. hahahahaha...frankly speakin, i m surprised but pleased.

so if you want to send mails and ask me questions, jus email me.
i'll jus pick a few that i feel like answering and post 'em here. all writers will be annoynomous unless you want me to post your name i guess 8D

anyway~~~ ON to question one!!!!

Is there any random things that you just realise about yourself recently? Please make it interesting, not something like your height or your ego. [CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? HE SHOT MY EGO D8 darn you!!]

okay..eerm....something interesting....AH. RIGHT. MY HANDPHONE ACCESSORIES. they can never last over a month >.>lll something will be droppin usually after the second-third week =.=llll it doesnt matter how well i take care of it, they jus....drop. if you see if for more den a month, probably that's cause I liked it and i fixed it back, if not i'll usually chuck it in a corner when i have time 8D

I jus bought three new ones recently. using the getbackers one nao. will get a picture when I am free X3


Anyway. i had around 3 mails. but i picked this one cause I am bored. 8D back to face-bookin >3 MY HAPPY FARM~~~~


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