Night out with Dar

some fiction i read. damn nice.

Anyway 8D yesterday someone bailed out on me. you might ask who have so much guts to bail out on Sochii. i wonder how much guts he has too. at least he gave a good reason, whether its the truth or not i dont really care. but i hate people bailing out on me.

So yeap. I called Dar out.

anyway for the sake of because I haven blog about him in a long time. Dardar aka Dar aka Darryl aka see where his nick came from. very convenient aint it? its just a nick.

Anyhow. so yea. i was like. eh. lets go out have dinner. and movie. and he agreed and came down all the way to woodlands without complaining. awesome much? Love him lot.

So we went and caught 17 again. hahahaha he's a special one. he usually keeps quiet and speaks at the correct time. awesome much again! hahahhaha his reaction is damn funny through out the whole show XD very agitated HAHAHAHHA.

So yeap. basically 17 again is....ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cheesy? and i agree with Dar. his body is D8;;; for the first time i dont think he is hot anymore. and whats with the hairstyle at the start =A=lll lawls. and his crazy friend. lawls. ELF LANGUAGE HAHAHAH XD

after that we quarreled where to eat. hahahaha. love his style seriously. usually when i go out with guys, they will be like dunno dunno dunno up till the end still dunno. we both started out with dunno at first den after that he picked AJISEN! the fuck? ajisen? I HATE THAT SHIT! den i wanted pasta mania and den war begin from there. esp when we were walking from the mrt station into the shopping center[i went out to pass stuff and he companied me]. Pasta mania and Ajisen have banners hangin SIDE BY SIDE hahahah XD it was hilarious.After that we settle for SWENSENS hahahah which was not both our choices at first XD it was cos he had a free pizza to collect.

He had curry baked rice while mine was the normal chicken baked and den a 6INCH pizza between us. i told him 6INCH was as long as from thumb to little finger and he dint believe me! and when it came...he was like *make six on the plate* okok. so this is six inch. i rofled. I finished my baked rice and he dint finish his stuff and we ate the same thing. hahahahah. WHY? cos he eat too fast. seriously people. you can only finish your food if you chew properly and take your time. X3

dar is one 好动儿。he cant stop moving to music!!!! hahahahah biomedical science dancing student. i cant deny though. even though he only moved a little....okay ALOT but he dint really dance. BUT, i can see he is a good dancer. Well. there might or might not be anychance to see him dancing but whatever. and he wants to be a doctor hahahah DANCING DOCTOR!!! cute much? and yes he looks cute too. so yea 8D

And den he took the train back to jurong east with me and thats where we left each other.


okay i m going to my cousin's now with lawli-et 8D

addicted over listening two mflo songs. m-flo is a rapper group by the way. one rapper and one deejay 8D
you guys should listen XD

Miss you - M-Flo loves Melody and Ryohei [Mflo and melody feat. RyoHei]

Love bug - M-Flo loves BoA [M-flo feat.BoA]

Some of BoA's rap songs also feat. M-Flo. M-Flo makes nice songs.


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