Seriously. fuck man.

picture credits to icanhazcheeseburger

Case 1: Whiners

SERIOUSLY. fuck off whiners. you think that you are the only one with a fucked up life?

There is only so little I can tahan of people, i have a really short fuse which i blow up VERY OFTEN in my own pivacy so that YOU SHITHEADS dont suffer.

I can take little whining, alot bitching+complainin, but i cannot take people who keep asking me how how how and WHINE WHINE WHINE about their everything. I mean come on luh, you know i have a huge ego and i like to talk about ME and you want to talk to me about YOU, think again. you can only talk about me and talk about yourself when spoken to. This is why i hate whiners. i hate GUY WHINERS EVEN MORE. like please luh, SUCK IT UP.

GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR MISERABLE LIFE instead of whinning to me! Dont make me put names here. i have enough and i feel like jus shutting you whiners out completely from my life. I , having a good listenin ear or a reading eye, doesnt mean that I can take your whinings silently [and no Bunny-darling, i m not talkin bout you, anal tan deserves it a long time ago

Like....jus shut up already or bring your whinnings to someoneelse. i cant take stupid whinnings from stupid people. dont you know stupidity is contagious? and i dont give a fuck about your life obviously if i avoid conversations with you __


Case 2: stalker

Mr stalker , aka Dr You did not reply. he might be readin this nao, but i dont really care anymore.

I'd like to thank you again for your gifts, seriously i welcome decent gifts like that, it makes me happy. And i do feel better already thank you. apparently i have already recovered when you sent the get well soon card. but point taken thank you.

this is where the line ends. If there is so much as a weird gift[stuff that are even slightly suggestive] or so much as you approach me, i'll call the police and set a restrain order on you. ok probably not, but i'll do something that involves me and law.


case 3: Customers who are blind.

I dont really know how you guys can use the computer if you are blind...erm...probably some talkin device from the computer to you and back?

Look. if you cant read, cant send to the right place. I WONT TAKE YOUR ORDERS. I am not desperate for your orders. either you suck it up, or read properly.
You play blind, I play blind. fair enough. i only needed a few seconds to click on the delete button. dont even need to open the damn mail/pm 8D aint i AWESOME?


I need to go entertain myself or something... *goes play with yuuto and ciel*


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