>3 it ish timeeeeee

Isnt he just the hottest thing on this world ~~<3

My hands are nothing but itchy to start chiong costume.

buying 7 types of cloth later. first time so extreme 8D wahahahahaha mayb 8 type if i cant find the 7th type. WAHAHAHAHA

cant wait.

ANYHOW CHIRU~~~~ love you for chionging with me. but you might wanna decide which one yo~! i've left you a message on your msn >3 and jus for the sake of temptin you. i left pictures here too WAHAHAHAHAAH

yes ppl. i got pissed off with cockroach and decided to chiong zetsu....beter not let me see any fuckers do it earlier den me, cos I AM PRETTY SURE NO ONE WANTED TO DO THIS VERSION AT THIS KIND OF TIME. cos why? this version is too fuckin old and has too little reference pictures. and i m already doing it EARLY enough. fuck.

I've always hated people who copy my ideas.if you say OH NO NO NO, I THOUGHT OF IT LONG TIME AGO ALSO. den fuck you. why only do after you see me post? __ i thought of it TWO FREAKIN YEARS AGO when i first wanted to cosplay gazette with luci twinnie. pui.


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