Deviant Art

hahahah so love these photos.

ANYWAY. i fell sick. ahhahah yesh. very sick.

The doctor gave me ALL DROWSY MEDICINE. and now i m feeling annoyed. no i m not sparing you the gross details . you know how digusting it is when you try to sneeze AND cough but that stupid mucus jus gets stuck and wouldnt come out? well. its annoyin me big time.

ugh. LOA sucks. you cant really slack. but what the heck.

OH. if anyone was wondering. YES i've created a deviant after much poking from bry

OH OH OH another thing. today i was so surprised 0.0 i logged in and see that i have a FOLLOWER ON MY BLOG. hahahaha HOMG. much honored XD

time for medicine and chat =w=/ will update again ~


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