Poseurs *roll eyes*


anyhowwwwww i would like to thank two peeps today, CHIRU and LAWLIET~

Chiru who did both the video AND sing that i requested!!! so sweet can??? and she is not even that IT savvy <3 but it was perfect for me, thank you darling~~

and twinnie for having the thought of doing it jus that chiru beat her to it <3 love you guys~~~~


Next is me being annoyed with people i dont even know


on top of that YOU GUYS MADE FUN OF HIM AND EVERYTHING. and now he's dead, and all of you are like HOMG MISS YOU JACKSON *CRIES SOBS*

you bloody twofaced people. i hate all of you.

here is my history of know MJ.

I've always idolised him when i was young. like 7 or so. my dad was the one who brought me into MJ world. i started out with his black and white.

the mv. its classic. and love it alot den den it was billy jeans, i remember how my dad used to say i always liked to dance like him. i do. but now i think its pretty dumb. HAHAHAH but i love his sycronized team and his dance.

thriller. haahhaah i cannot stand horror stuff, and totally afraid of his thriller, but inside it was a good song and another funny dance. cannot tahan him. hahaha it became one of my all time fav. den come beat it. HAHAHA this is the funniest shit. two mafia gang dancing with michael. shit funny i tell ya. me and my bro used to do the dance and my bro lovesss beat it.

I seriously fell in love with MJ when his scream and remember the time came out. really love it like HOMG. that was when i know janet jackson, i've always thought that she is an icon of attitude for me, still am. but i preferred her back den compared to the sucessful diva she is now.

I know how my dad like to sing smooth criminal, and he always do an ass job out of it, i've always laughed. MJ can hit notes that I cant and make the song his <3 He used to be the core of my music when i was young. people used to LAUGH at me for listenin to him, i always hated it, but i kept quiet.

For those who have been followin my blog, you would actually know I've always been bloggin about his songs whenever I have the urge. I wont say that i m michael's biggest fan or what but I am a REAL fan compared to all those fakers out there.

If you guys had loved him THiS MUCH, you wouldnt have went and do all the stupid stuff like laughin at him. I laugh at him because of his funny cheeky antics in MV and other stuff, you people laughed at him when he is at his lowest. fakes. *pui.


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