Spark of Obsession


Picture of Aoi and Uruha in 6GUNS tour.

okay firstly, poor thing to all the peeps who are buying the thermometer =A+ its a rip off. too bad, but yea. ah well.

Anyhow, class is boring as usual. I dont know why the fuck has coaching gotta do with management though. shucks. not my line. I wanna expand more in business management side, not human management. ROFL.


homg. like i m over obsessed with this sector of the 6GUNS tour luh ;A; 37:27mins - 38:14 of the first disc ;A; if anyone can, I would like a mp3 cut of it for my ringtone please?

Its so....heartstrings tugging, and best of all, its a AOIURU PAIR. yes. Aoi's the top X3 cos he is more manry. AOI-SAMA~~~~~ hahahaha my obsession for him is like @_@/ i haven idolise anyone like that before @w@/

scratch that. I WAN A Mp3 VER CUT FOR RINGTONE AND A Mp4 VER VID CUT FOR MY PHONE AND PSP!!!! ;A; *loves* i dont know. the two of them playing together like that just sends my heart and thoughts out of the window....well...thoughts flying the wrong way but heart throbbing ;A;

more pictures. i think i did post a section like that before but fuck that.THEY DESERVE ALOT OF LOVE! not that i dont love the other members...i think that Kai is cute, Ruki is sexy, reita is awesome but no pairing beats AOIURU




so sexy <3

*still obsessed and high*


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