wooo /0/~~~~

Cos he is so hot, so he deserves this featuring too 8D

bloggin at 1.50 near 2 am. not my style. but reaching home by 12am isnt too 8D hahaha

Anyhow. today was fun. hahahah went out with shinn to play.

sorta ended up, both of us turned up REALLY late. like. 1 and 1/2 hours after the arranged time...lol ar shinn. hahaha. so....after he reached, went to look for lolipop at her workplace to pass her samtaro's wig. she happened to be on break so we scooted off to teh arcade. and WAHAHAHAHAHAHA my taiko cravinggggggggggg shit the douby machine last wk, eat me and jon's moneh PUI. so i got to play. hahahah. NEARLY HIT ANOTHER RANK IN THE TOTAL OF SCORE. but nahpehz =A= fall back down. so its the usual rank.....pui. more trainin.

after that we went CC. damn funny. you should have seen lolipop's eyes light up when she saw all those hentai comics cos i show her where they shelved them LOL!!!

den after we sent her back, we scooted off to cathay after a small snack at macs>w3 $12 for two. preordered a month ago. hahahaha he damn suay, so we zhuan dao >3 $6 tics for WEEKEND show~~~ and we din tio first row. hahahaha. 3rd row. but damn nice...

so we walked around the cathay, up and down up and down. den bullshit a while. den went for the movie >3 7.45. hahahaha bought a drink to share den we went in and saw POPCORNS[in a bag] IN THE SEATS and extra coke can FREEEE WAHAHAHAHAHA power of preorder tics LOL!!! ZAI ANOT 8D

hahahaha cos my bro love popcorn and i doubt i can finish one pack, so i shared his and kept mine for jasper. The movie...OHOH. we went to watch harry potter and half blood prince btw cos it was something we both wanted to watch and there were the tics. so zhun 8D hahahaha. hahahaha so like. the movie was AVERAGE. seriously. AVERAGE and both of us jumped at one scene cos damn loud and sudden HAHAHAHA XD

halfway through i changed to another contact on my right eye cos it was irritating the shit out of me. lol. dun judge me.i can hash be pro to change like that 8D hahahaha and we did some epic shit luh. after we finished our coke. we opened up the cup, and poured in the can one for round two LOL!!!! damn funny. idk why funny but jus funny luh. den rofl HE DRINK COKE VEH NOISY CAN. hahahah den we were like. why he drink so noisy i drink so quiet HAHAHAHA

after that actually wanted to grab a bite, but too late. nothing that i really want to eat. so we went for the train. hahaha. and fuck luh~ overslept my stop. pioneer > jookoon. fuck. jookoon. NO TRAIN GO BACK. fuck. cab. fuck. money ;A; hahahha

aiyur. whatever luh. hahahaha.

hahahaha i've learnt something today though. DONT GO ACT SMART AND READ AND SEE STUFF YOU DONT WANT TO. stupid sia. *bang wall*

anyhow. enjoyable today yo =w=/ tmr is cloth shoppin for chiong costume. wahahahaha /0/


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