.: Shinn's bdae :.

okay luh. i m jus kiddin when i said shinn can only have one line. he is the birthday boy afterall right?!! see?! i so nice 8D

Anyhow. so yea. WHILE I WAS LIKE HALF DEAD. i went over to orchard point just in time to get him to cut cake. AND LIKE. HARUKI SO SWEET PLEASE 8D made a cake for shinn 8D WALAO SHINN. people make cake for you, like so nice, can dont comprain anot? say people de cake look like plasticine make de sumore. Too bad i was like sick ;A; and i din have any appetite, so i gave haruki's cake a miss. It was like strawberries and icecream i think? 8D
AND kzF' like did cookies for him also SO NICE ;A; but i gave it a miss too OTL damned body...BLEARGH. ah well.

so damn funny to see Haru get high. XD oh and that was the only picture i have on that day. too chui. WAHAHAHA /0/ but i bet kzF' has alot since he was snappin away with the psp 8D and also haru =.= who was like high and being some kind of PI.

After that went to change Shinn's pants at cityhall cos he bought the wrong size. lawls. we din really had dinner after that cos he was too full and i din have a appetite. so like. i went with the whole day, only eatin half a burger,one cup of tea and one bottle of sprite, with lots of warm water 8D

So it was like. basically, we went walking around again @_@ and he's like some kind of dehydrating system, everywhere he go, he'll be like. thirsty. LOL i think i walk until damn chui. hahahah. we went like esplanade, suntec, marina square. i think we walked two rounds in marina square. LOL!!! this is what you call boliao people /0/

After that. was home. HAHAHAH SORRY SHINN!! Your birthday and I wasnt high and was like. sick. WAHAHAHAHA. but hope joo have fun~ being bullied by me. LOL!!!! XD


so like. i realise teh sprite cure[given by toya] was only a temporary hold. I am still damn weak. I think i might lose pounds like that 8D AWESUMMMMMM my 42kg dream isnt far nao 8D *flies* hurhur~~~


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