unwanted stress


okay luh. after THREE FREAKING YRS of knowing bryan, i finally cosplayed with him.


before we stormed the event we were like. EH HOW MANY TIMES WE COSPLAYED TOGETHER AR? and there we stood counting.

with twinned>> its of course uncountable. LOL!!!
with Kani and uh....i forgot her name ALWAYS but both of them were in my Rozen Maiden Team when all of us were jus newbies 8D

AND ITS FIRST TIME WITH BRYAN /0/ hahahaha~~~ epic much.

Although we din get much pictures, but i realise we look awesome 8D even though we were damn failed somehow 8D BUT HEY GAIZ!!! LOOK AT THE PICTURE~~ WE LOOK LIKE AWESOME COSERS 8D


anyhow. my laptop is permanently screwed. the motherboard and the vid card are both spoilt....probably burnt. lol. so i m currently usin my mom's laptop.

RP HELPDESK IS FAIL PLEASE!!!! like. it takes them from morning 10am - 6pm to reconfigure my laptop and does not know the reason why it hangs halfway through configurin =.= ah well. but i give the guy credits for tryin....at least its useable nao. AND BTW, ITS NOT THE HARDDRIVE SPOIL. lol. he told me it was....den i went down to cyberactive, and the guy there got a little pissed cos the guy at my school's helpdesk said its the harddrive....ok wait. lemme rephrase.

i got my harddrive at Cyberactive.
IT desk guy say HDD spoiled
CA guy got pissed cos IT guy say their stock spoils easily[indirectly]

at that moment...i felt like saying to the CA dude...hey. dont shoot the messenger ;A;

ACER is made of bigger fail. =.= HELLO? you are chargin me $460 to replace my damn motherboard and label, BUT YOU ARE ONLY GIVING A GRANT FOR 90DAYS? obviously you are very insecure about the quality of your products up to the point that you cannot grant the motherboard for ONE YEAR. you guys SUCK.

NEWS FLASH: I WONT BE REPAIRING MY DAMNED ACER LAPTOP and PROBABLY NEVER GONNA BUY FROM ACER AGAIN. the quality of your products sucks so much that it makes me feel sorry for you.

cos like apparently. Ever since i got my acer laptop. there has been nothing but trouble for me. spent a load of money jus to reach such a sorryful ending. hours and hours of reformattin at the I-Terminatin Desk in my school, frequent visits to your NO-HELP-IF-NO-MONEY centre, and spending hundreds on a dyin piece of shit. fuck it. dont wanna use Acer anymore =.=;;;

and china suppliers. makes me annoyed. HELLO?? like. there are so many grantors CANT YOU BE MORE FLEXIBLE? UGH. i m so very tempted to cancel the orders =.=;; i wonder if that would scare them.


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