dont you jus love em?

i swear they have too much clothes.
like. after i sorted out some abit of kai's...30 versions. AND SOME ARE STILL UNSORTED AND DO NOT BELONG TO ANY OF THE 30. god =A=;;;

ah well...

anyway. something i realised recently.

i hate. and i repeat. I REALLY hate socializing with customers. ESPECIALLY those that asks you for discount.

number 1, you are not in anyway related to me, so for fuck i give you discounts?
number 2, i really despise those who asks for discounts after things have ALREADY been discounted and on sales.
number 3, i really dont like people to act as if they are very familiar with me when all we have is jus goods and cash business. I see no point.

this. is different from the friends i regard who buy from me. OR old-time customers.

speak of the devil. now the person is on msn nudgin me. =.=
I cant really say that the customer is annoying, but I do not want anything related to people who do not treat the things that i like seriously[eg. subculture].

and I cant really tell the person in the face. that would be rude. I dont really care if i lose business after this...but yea.

If you wear punk. freakin look after your image. your poses are awful, you remind me of drama queens, in a bad way. you makeup is awful, do you even have foundation? and your eyeliner makes you look like you are sleepless or you have panda eyes. your hairstyle is awful, you look like you jus wipe your hair with a towel.

I dont know why you are trying to socialize with me in the first place since I am only a seller. do you socialize with every single shopkeeper or seller?
I seriously dont understand what has my school, my private life and all has to do with you, but i still answered them out of courtesy of course.


is it me? or is it that NS guys are really weird out?! This is not the first one i've met already =.=;;; oh lord. please dont like jonjon become like that.

on the other side.

update from jon 8D

he's...pretty much FINE and BALD. Jus talk to him on the phone last night. I realise how IRRITATIN it is to talk on the phone with him when he is in camp. GODDAMMIT JON! LISTEN TO YOUR BEST FRIEND WHEN HE'S TALKING. YOUR BEST FLEN TOOK TIME TO CALL YOU SO LISTEN TO HIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM RAWR. yes. i hate it when i call people who call me to call them to chat and they do not listen =.=;;; it annoys me when i have to keep repeating what I say =A=lll
so i'll jus have to kick the shit out of him when he comes out 8D bet he's sneezin right now. LOL!

anyway. i've made strawberry milkshake. DAMN GOOD i tell you. DAMN GOOD. i m suspecting that i might be a genius since everything i make in the kitchen these days is too damn good to be true.

okai. ending this post /0/ gotta go like. uh. play. games. HAHAHAHAH *gets bricked*


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